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The Older I Get The Funnier I Was
By: Whitmer Thomas
Review Written by: Valeria Garcia


       Whitmer Thomas is a comic, musician, skateboarder, and blink 182 stan. At first glance, Thomas'
singles and album make a relatable, humorous articulation of one unhappy upbringing, of the
messy nature of manhood, of the unending concerns of being broke with a dream in Los Angeles,
and of the embarrassment of having "a dream" at all. Thomas, however, draws a deeper tale of a
person discovering peace and forgiveness along with his own identity and voice in unexpected
quirky insight bursts. By using darkwave to confront his darkness, he tells the tale of his
abnormal adolescence, cool man music, silly dude jokes, and soft boy that have an impact on
things even bigger than Thomas.


       The first song on this album is “Most Likely.” This song is so so so good. Throughout the
whole song, I caught myself relating to his lyrics. It talks about how it's so horrible that he needs
to please everyone. Due to pleasing everyone he has no idea who he is. I find so much comfort in
that because at times I see myself doing so many other things that I start drifting away from
myself. There's a bit of shame in that for sure. The song has incredible lyrics, music, and vocals.
The bass goes so well with the song. To me, his voice is amazing. He sings his lyrics so well and
moves them gracefully with the music. The song starts with a conversation and I like that he
added that part because it gives a lot to the song. The second song is “Rigamarole.” This song is
like a red bull in a can punchy and bright! So so good. Recommend this song. The keyboard in
the back adds so much volume to the song. I think it completes it. It talks about trying to get rid
of depression with the help of routine and acceptance. Just accept depression and let yourself

sink into it.


       The third song on the album is “Everything That Feels Good Is Bad.” It's exactly
what you expect it to be about. All about the unhealthy things/habits that give us great
satisfaction. The fourth song is “Big Truck.” The fifth song is “Pop Fly.” The sixth song is
“Cooler when I’m sick.” This song is about trying hard for other people and putting up a facade
about yourself for others. The seventh song is “Pinwheel.” This song is a story about a guy and
girl's relationship that just never worked out but they still have so much love for each other. The
eighth song is “ Stick Around.” Probably the best song on the album. It has like JUNO vibes. It’s
about just being there for people and just appreciating all your friends. The ninth song is called
“South Florida.” This song is about growing up and feeling the change and all the emotions that
come with growing up. The tenth song is called “Navel Gazey.” The eleventh and last song is
“Bushwhacked.” This song is about moving to a different place and struggling with finances and
yourself mentally and emotionally. Talking about what could have been or what could be still if
you have the will to keep moving forward. Overall this album has been such a great listening

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