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Our Mission

Established in 1951, KCSC Radio is Chico State's student-run radio station! Our mission is to Keep Kids Off The Mainstream. We follow this mission by following a strict music philosophy: only play artists who have not been listed in the Billboard Top 40 charts in the last 30 years. This philosophy combined with our variety of DJs, hosting their own shows every hour on the hour, makes KCSC Radio the place to discover new music and emerging artists.

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Internship Details

For California State University, Chico students we’re also an internship program. Students of all majors are welcomed and with five different departments there’s something for everyone. Students can enroll in 1-3 units with 1 unit equating to 50 hours of work per semester. Past KCSC Radio interns have described the program as more of a club than an internship, leaving the program with more skills, fantastic memories and friends for life.

Our Board of Directors

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Coming soon!

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Coming soon!

KCSC Logo-2.png

Coming soon!


Mailing Address


400 W. 1st St. 

Department of Media Arts, Design, and Technology

Chico, CA 95929


For music submissions email:

For general inquires email:

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